Around the age of 14 I started drinking not because I had a desire to but to be like my friends. Drinking turned into smoking marijuana which turned into cocaine use which turned into selling drugs.

In 2000 I found Mt Zion House in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. When I reconfirmed my faith at Mt Zion God began to work in my life. I was able to develop the most important thing in my life – a one on one relationship with God. I learned how to apply God’s Word to everyday life, not just reading but walking in faith daily with 20 men of different backgrounds. God gives us plenty of evidence to believe in him. Doubt comes when we fail to stop long enough to observe all the evidence he gives to us. And when doubt turns to lack of trust, we are in danger of ignoring God all together.

This program is for every man that wants a relationship with God and the knowledge to live as Christ. I wanted to be free to live a life without drugs, alcohol, and uncontrollable sin. I took the first step by asking God for help. I knew that only He could provide what I was looking for.